Happy Birthday to the Commander

Yes, a very happy birthday. Let's drink till our livers pop out and dance.

Love, the Professor.


Ain't it cool?


Smallville has issues!!!

Hey there all you swell fellas! I've been hearing some gosh darn foul complaints about the show Smallville. Many people complain that the show is too formulaic and that everything is either attributed to the meteor shower or some previous misdeed by one of the Luthor family.

Well...that does sum up most of the episodes, but let's converse about things that are based on simple formulas.




Comicbooks! That works on simple story formulas! I always think of comics as an escape from reality where I know the ending is going to be good or at least provide me with a crap load of entertainment and I think Smallville does a great job at keeping true to the comicbook way of formula.

What makes it even more entertaining is that they can keep true to the formula method while doing a great job at developing the characters. I mean, isn't everyone just so conflicted in their feelings towards Lionel and Lex Luthor? And how many people just hated seeing Jonathan Kent die? I know I did. I know I was one chromasome away from a tissue box and pint of Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream when Clark and Lana broke up.

Anyway, my hat is off to Smallville and it's writers and directors for making a show that holds up under every viewpoint. Also kudos to whoever comes up with the lighting on that show...it is out of this world!!!

Anyway, time to party...see y'all later!


Hulk not monster!

Fancy-man... tee hee.


First Post, probably will regret it in a week or so...

Hey, I'm Josh...or...umm...I mean, I'm Commander Bun Bun. It's all good. I'm gonna write this and I don't quite yet know the subject of this post but I am pretty sure I can look back on this in the not-so-distant future and regret whatever gibberish I had posted here. All that aside, I guess this is the breaking of my blog cherry and I'm glad I lost it here. Makes me wonder if eighteen years old is actually pretty old to be losing the blog virginity nowadays. I've lived a pretty damn good life and I consider myself blessed but unless I really had something to talk about, I didn't honestly think my words were worth sharing. I'm a firm believer in the idea that, sure, wisdom doesn't just come with age, but it sure as hell don't come easy and I don't think it comes quick either. That being said, if you agree or disagree with whatever I may end up posting here, just know, I'm low on the list of the wise at this point in my life but I still have a brain and opinions and since the internet is giving me some free space, I'll be glad to waste some of your time.

Cmndr BB

Come one, Come ALL

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