Art School Shomifdential

ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, I tell yah. Haven't seen this one on the silver screen yet, considering it just opened today. Let me just blab on about Terry Zwigoff, that rascal.

Terry Zwigoff, director of "Louie Bluie", "Crumb" (which is personally my favorite documentary of all time), "Ghost World" (the greatest adaptation of a comic book ever), and "Bad Santa". Zwigoff has been dubbed by me one of the greatest and influential filmmakers of the 21st Century... Well... Up to "Bad Santa" at least, but I'll get there in a moment.

Just by looking at him, you can tell he's a genius.

Okay, here's exactly what I'm trying to get at. This is taken from the ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL trailer:

STOP! There you have it. Not only is Zwigoff is not trying to make a clever film about an art school with some help from his friend, Daniel Clowes, but he is trying to market it as this bigshot movie, which I get the creeps from. I don't have a problem with big budget thing, but what I gather from the trailer (although I have not seen the movie yet), it has a completely different comedic feel from the book. The book seems much more sarcastic, but this just seems trying to appeal to more audiences by marketing it as a TEEN MOVIE type thing. Not trying to be a hipster by saying it's too overrated (I don't care that it is), but it's lacking the Zwigoff feel of GHOST WORLD, and it's got "Bad Santa" all over it.

Then again, don't listen to me. I haven't seen the movie. Then again, you can tell a lot about a film by the way it's being marketed in the trailer. So the moral is that sometimes you should judge a book by it's cover, not the comic book, but the film...

-Professor Brains.

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