First Post, probably will regret it in a week or so...

Hey, I'm Josh...or...umm...I mean, I'm Commander Bun Bun. It's all good. I'm gonna write this and I don't quite yet know the subject of this post but I am pretty sure I can look back on this in the not-so-distant future and regret whatever gibberish I had posted here. All that aside, I guess this is the breaking of my blog cherry and I'm glad I lost it here. Makes me wonder if eighteen years old is actually pretty old to be losing the blog virginity nowadays. I've lived a pretty damn good life and I consider myself blessed but unless I really had something to talk about, I didn't honestly think my words were worth sharing. I'm a firm believer in the idea that, sure, wisdom doesn't just come with age, but it sure as hell don't come easy and I don't think it comes quick either. That being said, if you agree or disagree with whatever I may end up posting here, just know, I'm low on the list of the wise at this point in my life but I still have a brain and opinions and since the internet is giving me some free space, I'll be glad to waste some of your time.

Cmndr BB

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Blogger Professor Brains said...

Bravo, my good chap

Anonymous Anonymous said...

professor brains SUCKS

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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